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Director Strategic Initiatives


Competing on customer experience is our #1 growth strategy, and we see AskNicely as the key to powering this strategy. In the first 90 days of using AskNicely we increased our NPS by 28 points and realized an 8x return on our investment.*

* 8x Return on Investment (The London School of Economics found a 7 point increase in NPS leads to 1% increase in revenue.)

Feedback is a gift.

Elevate patient care and drive growth across your dental practices by inspiring your clinicians and staff to consistently go above and beyond, exceeding patient expectations every time

We understand the vital role patient care plays in your growth.


Survey respondents who said a good patient experience is “very important” or “extremely important” to them.

(Beryl Institute, 2023)


The difference in patient retention between best in class and average dental practices.

(Henry Schein)


Promoters are 4.2x times more likely to make repeat visits and/or refer friends.

(Temkin/XMi Research)


Your team is the heart of the patient experience.

Unlike filling up with gas or buying a new pair of socks, a visit to the dentist is very personal. It’s a relationship that requires high trust, empathy, and personal connection.

How can you build such a level of loyalty that patients return to your practice time and time again? Or, in the words of Eddie Coyle, Chief Medical Officer at Colosseum Dental Group, “How can we retain patients for life?”

Dive into this blog post to uncover the essential steps to create the ultimate patient experience.

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Retain patients for life

with exceptional patient care.

At AskNicely we elevate patient experience and financial outcomes for dental practices and DSOs by inspiring employees to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Our platform collects real-time patient feedback, enabling staff to address issues promptly, celebrate achievements in daily huddles, and compare experiences across locations. This not only enhances patient care immediately but also instills a lasting positive impact, ensuring repeat visits and recommendations to friends and family.
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Real feedback. Real results.

Thanks to AskNicely, over half of Colosseum Dental clinics saw a remarkable 12-point boost in their NPS scores. They achieved this by using the platform to deliver top-notch patient experiences and provide personalized coaching for each dentist, clinician, and staff member.

Interested in achieving similar results? Let's explore how you can make it happen!


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Don't just measure patient experience, improve it.

If you're collecting customer feedback, you might have an idea of your strengths and areas for improvement. The question is, how can you address these areas and effectively drive operational change at a practice level?

Our 7 Habits eBook distills the secrets of the world's best frontline teams to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.

What makes us different?

We're not just collecting data; we're giving it meaning. AskNicely drives dental practice impact because we channel feedback directly to your teams and transform it into actionable insights that change behavior and outcomes. With AskNicely, your team, the ones making a difference every day, is always equipped to deliver standout care and elevate patient experience.